Touring West Palm Beach Real Estate, Florida with Nick the Appraiser, A REALTOR® in South Florida who offers clients the benefit of two licenses & knowledge.

About Us

Cityplace CourtyardWelcome to our tour of West Palm Beach County.

While working hard in Real Estate in Palm Beach County, somtimes it means it’s time to play hard to keep things in balance. Palm Beach and surrounding counties have plenty of places for outfdoor playing, especially for a water bug like myself.

Consider this a tour or documenting of sorts, seeing it through the eyes of the local community resident. We’ll be taking photos and filming from our everyday adventures throught Palm Beach, some days more interesting than others, but we hope you enjoy it.

We will do our best to keep a balance of West Palm Beach Real Estate information, Real Estate Appraisal, West Palm Beach photos and fun water videos on this website. It is tough after working and typing all day to find interesing topics to write about, so please excuse us if thing get a little fun with less work showing up.

We hope you enjoy it and come back often.  We encourage you to leave your comments along the way and tell us what you think about the topics or the website.

You’ll notice that a lot of the activities either involve the beach, water or restaurants. Our activities into neighboring counties may simply be a collection of photos, but we hope you will enjoy. see you soon!!